Audit to reduce risks of accidents on the TransCarioca BRT project for Rio de Janeiro

Source: CTS Brasil
Photo: Marta Obelheiro, Carsten Wass and Brenda Medeiros. Source: CTS Brasil
Concerned about improving road safety and reduce traffic deaths, the city of Rio de Janeiro promoted an audit of the BRT projects in progress, preparing the city as one of the venues of the games of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. The audit is one of the activities under the Technical Cooperation Agreement signed with EMBARQ Network and its Center for Sustainable Transport of Brazil (CTS-Brazil), and it is begining with the Transcarioca project, which links the north and west of Rio de Janeiro.
To perform the work, Carsten Wass from Denmark, an expert in road safety, arrived to Rio de Jaineiro. He is being advised by transportation engineers from CTS-Brazil, Brenda Medeiros and Martha Obelheiro.
The road safety audit reviews the route, bus stops and signaling pathways still in the design face of the project, and it proposes amendments to reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

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