Event wrap up: Thredbo 12

The 12th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport
11-15 September, 2011 / Durban, South Africa
This is Juan Carlos Muñoz’ testimony regarding the CoE experience at Thredbo 12:
«We had a great week at the Thredbo Conference in Durban during the second week of September. Thredbo is a fantastic Conference, not only for its amazing blend of academics, operators, agency regulators and consultants, but also because of its Workshop-based structure which “maximizes” interaction among participants (at least in comparison to all other conferences I usually attend). This is why David Hensher likes to say that everyone attending Thredbo becomes Thredbo – dependent. During the conference we had the privilege to run one of the Workshops devoted to BRT future challenges which received the highest attendance among all Workshops offered. In this very active 14-hr long Workshop on BRT, several papers were presented and we had a very lively discussion. By the end of the Workshop, we gave a plenary talk summarizing our main discussion and findings. The talk also included some BRT-related questions that remain to be answered which should be of significant interest for our Centre of Excellence.»
You can download this Workshop summary presentation here or the report here.
More info regarding the other Thredbo Workshops at the official website.
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