+ About us

The Advisory Board will be a group of collaborators of the CoE, that will include selected political figures (i.e. political champions) and BRT practitioners who can discuss the key problems that motivate the write my paper research of the CoE. The role of the BRT+ Advisory Board is to bring testimony of BRT expectations and challenges in real cases, and help us elaborating syntheses of the lessons from those cases, thus making it a fundamental link to real world problems.

In order to fulfill this mission, the BRT+ Advisory Board will be a diverse group with members selected from different continents and types of realities, covering cities which have already implemented (with greater or smaller success) BRT experiences, and cities that are engaged in the planning that leads to its implementation and, last but not least, selected cities which have not spoken publicly about doing it but seem to have good potential for adoption of BRT solutions.

BRT+ Advisory Board

  • Paulo Custodio, consultant
  • Gerhard Menckhoff, ITDP’s Board of Directors, retired World Bank consultant
  • Lake Sagaris, Ciudad Viva, citizen group in Santiago
  • Neil Smith, O-Bahn operator in Adelaide
  • Professor H. M. Shivanand Swamy, Associate Director of CEPT, Ahmedabad, India
  • Vukan Vuchic, Professor of Transportation Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • Luis Willumsen, Director of homeworkmarket.com reviews The Luis Willumsen Consultancy, London, UK
  • Lloyd Wright, Executive Director Viva
  • Sam Zimmerman, consultant to the World Bank and AECOM