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Every month in the Webinar series a member of our team or invited expert, presents either recent research results or a city case study. The presentations are done online allowing people anywhere to participate and ask questions in real-time. The series address issues relevant to researchers and practitioners and is open to everyone using our news website. About 800 subscribers get the announcement directly, you can also sign up for free here.


Date Topic title Presenting Slides Video
22-01-2019 Scalable On-Demand Mobility Services Pascal Van Hentenryck (Georgia Tech)  SlideShare
20-09-2018 BRT in Brazil: state of the practice as from the BRT Standard & challenges for operations and integration Gabriel Oliveira (ITDP)  SlideShare
4-09-2018 Why do we need to consider how women move in urban transport planning? Heather Allen  SlideShare
20-06-2018 Do preferences for BRT and LRT change as a voter, citizen, tax payer, or self-interested resident? (Working paper) Camila Balbontin (U Sydney)  SlideShare
22-04-2018 Testing collaborative accessibility-based engagement tools: Santiago de Chile Case Cristian Navas (IADB)  SlideShare
28-03-2018 Optics for autonomus urban transportation Eduardo Bendek (*) (*)
4-01-2018 Who Likes the New Express Route?
An Empirical Analysis with Fare Card Data from Chicago
Neema Nassir (*) (*)
13-12-2017 BusAssist: A headway management system based on AVL data Pedro Lizana (*) (*)
29-11-2017 The limited stop bus service design problem with stochastic passenger assignment Homero Larrín (PUC)  SlideShare
24-10-2017 Conveyal Accessibility Tool Anson Stewart (MIT)  SlideShare
26-09-2017 Urban mobility in Latin America –reflexions on the 2014 report of the OMU – Latin America Mobility Observatory, from CAF – Banco de Desarrollo de America Latina Eduardo A. Vasconcellos (ANTP/CAF)  SlideShare
09-08-2017 Connected and automated buses. An opportunity to bring reliability to bus service. Juan Carlos Muñoz (PUC/CEDEUS/BRT+CoE)  SlideShare
13-01-2017 Avoiding bus bunching – From theory to practice. Ricardo Giesen (PUC)  SlideShare
24-10-2016 BRT Station Design in the Urban Context Chris Van Eyken (ITDP)  SlideShare
20-09-2016 Emotional Travel: Role of Social Psychology in Shaping Mobility Decision Jinhua Zhao (MIT)  SlideShare
30-08-2016 Urban Road Congestion Management – Capacity Investments and Pricing Policies Hugo Silva (PUC)  SlideShare
20-07-2016 Rethinking the Next Generation of BRT in China Juan Miguel Velásquez and Pablo Guarda (WRI) SlideShare
28-06-2016 Habitat III can help accelerate action on sustainable urban transport Cornie Huizenga (SloCat Parternship) SlideShare
30-05-2016 Experiences during the first year of BRT implementation – Mexico’s cases Ulises Navarro (ITDP Latin America) SlideShare
19-04-2016 China’s BRT Development in the Last Decade
Xumei Chen (CRUSTeC) SlideShare
31-03-2016 BRT in India – a way forward
Pranjali Deshpande (ITDP India)
28-01-2016 Understanding fare evasion in urban bus systems: Evidence from Santiago, Chile
Pablo Guarda (CEDEUS)
18-12-2015 Built environment supports for BRT ridership: Evidence from Latin America
Daniel A. Rodriguez & Erik Vergel (UNC)
24-09-2015 Planning, design, implementation and operation of the Yichang BRT corridor and related BRT corridor improvements
Karl Fjellstrom (ITDP)
03-07-2015 Public Transit Service Equity: Definition and Measurement Considerations
Alex Karner (CEDEUS)
07-05-2015 Highlights of the new BRT Planning Guide – Comparison between modes and new approaches to Service Planning
Walter Hook (ITDP – ex CEO)
08-04-2015 The emerging science of planning for cycle inclusion: Lessons for public transport and BRT?
Lake Sagaris (PUC)
05-02-2015 A bi-objective multiperiod fuzzy scheduling for a multimodal urban transport system
Paulina Ávila (UANL)
05-12-2014 Waiting time at Transantiago’s bus stops as space for information, creation and exchange

(*) This Webinar may contain confidential, proprietary, privileged and/or private information that we are not allowed to publish.