+ Outreach

As all our outreach activities, specific projects allow us to implement our scientific background and tools in the real world. It is also crucial to raise the new relevant questions requiring urgent answers. This way we learn from the cities that become our partners in this adventure and deliver solutions to them.

SimBRT simulation tool

WRI and CoE developed this tool for assessing BRT projects and test solution proposals before they are implemented. You can get more information and contact here.

Past initiatives:

  • 2013 – Santiago’s Metro: Tobalaba simple station congestion solution.
  • 2011 – Bogotá’s Integrated Public Transport System. WRI studied the process Bogotá has initiated to integrate its BRT system with reorganized bus service across the city. The study focuses on user perception and education, critical issues in previous bus reforms in developing cities. Using expert interviews and a semi-structured community survey, the researchers identified awareness, expectations and aspiration gaps, as well as equity concerns. The case study provides a framework for direct identification of user needs and suggests specific actions to improve user information during system implementation. The research findings and recommendations were presented to TransMilenio, Bogotá’s BRT agency.
  • 2011 – Mobility road maps for the cities of Kazakstan and Uzbekistan. The BRT concepts were incorporated in TOD strategic plans for different types of cities. IST-Lisbon developed the framework for the Asian Development Bank.