Book "Understanding Mobility As A Service (Maas)" appeared on top-ten must reads on business, tech and transport

The book «Understanding Mobility As A Service (Maas): Past, Present And Future» by David Hensher, Corinne Mulley, Chinh Ho, Yale Wong, Göran Smith and John D. Nelson appeared on second place in the ranking «Our top ten must reads on business, tech and transport» by technology site SKEDGO.

We all know the transport sector is undergoing massive disruption. From the ubiquitous smartphone to shared mobility and electric vehicles, they’re all part of the mix – including mobility as a service (MaaS).

This book explains what MaaS is, how it sits in the transport landscape, and the lessons from MaaS trials. It also dives into the barriers, governance and the wider impact on ‘transport and societal goals’. Case studies serve to illustrate the potential of MaaS – and SkedGo also gets a mention!

Understanding Mobility As A Service is for all transport professionals. From researchers and consultants to decision-makers and team members, it will help anyone wanting to learn more about MaaS and its evolution.

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