BRT+ General Assembly 2022 Videos

Hi everybody, we have just uploaded the recordings of our latest General Assembly to out Youtube Channel. You can check them on following links:


Challenges for Public Transport on Achieving the COP26 Targets. Part 1Part 2. Jim Aloisi (MIT), Cristina Albuquerque (WRI),  Nour El Deeb(ITDP). Commented by Chris Zegras (MIT)

World Resources Institute Global Electric Mobility Strategy. Lidia Henderson (WRI) and Sarah Cassius (WRI). Commented by Ricardo Giesen (PUC).

Impacts of COVID on Public Transport: A comparisson study between Australia, LATAM and South Africa. José Agustín Vallejo (PUC).

Racially just research in urban studies and planning: results from a landscape scan and key informant interviews. Mariana Arcaya (MIT), Devin Bunten (MIT). Commented by Lake Sagaris (PUC).

Crowding perceptions during COVID-19 – implications for mode choice & transit planning. Paul Basnak (PUC)

Implications on MaaS for public transport business models. Corinne Mulley (U. Sydney)

Leveraging Hybrid Paratransit Operations through Priority Infrastructure – Some Simulation Results. Christo Venter (U. Pretoria)