Event wrap up: BRT workshop at Pereira, Colombia

Pereira 3 Juan Carlos Muñoz, the Director of our BRT Centre of Excellence visited Pereira on November 26 – 27 to give two courses.

The first one intended to show the research and tools developed by the CoE to the Megabús authorities (Pereira’s transit system) and to bus operators. The workshop was given on November 26, from 9:00 to 18:00 and had 25 participants. The following topics were covered:

* BRT Corridors Around the World
* Challenges in Transit Systems’ integration
* Design of Express Services
* Real Time Control in Buses
* Route Election in Public Transport
* Shift assignment for bus drivers

The second workshop, called «Applications of Operations Research in Public Transport Systems», took place at the Technological University of Pereira on Tuesday November 27 from 8:00 to 17:00 and attracted around 35 people (professors and students). The main goal was to show applications of classic Operations Research tools in the design, operation and control of public transport systems. The following topics were covered in the Workshop: «Express Services Design Optimization», «Real time bus control optimization», «Cutting planes application for bus timetabling», «Fleet and driver scheduling optimization for a public transport system «, «Design of a Bidding Process of a Public Transport System as a Minimum Cost Network Flow Problem».

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