Event Wrap Up: General Assembly at TRB13

Our General Assembly this year was held on Tuesday January 15th, at the EMBARQ office at Washington DC. We had a record of audience, with more than 30 participants who had the chance to observe and give feedback to the progress reached by the projects in the Centre. Several advisors were invited to the meeting: Paulo Custodio, Brendan Finn, Gerhard Menckhoff, Shivanand Swamy, Sam Zimmerman, Walter Colombini, and also an important group of key people:

  • Suzy Balloussier (Fetranspor)
  • Amit Bhatt (EMBARQ India)
  • Carlos De Paco (BID)
  • Stephan Hassold (University of Auckland)
  • Jorge Jara (EMBARQ Andino)
  • Yang Jiang (China Sustainable Transport Center)
  • Adriana Lobo (CTS Mexico)
  • Abel López (CTS México)
  • Carlos Mojica (BID)
  • Fernando Paez (CTS México)
  • Madhav Pai (EMBARQ India)
  • Marco Priego (CTS México)
  • Pilar Rodríguez (Metrocali)
  • José Viegas (International Transport Forum)
  • Zhigao Wang (China Sustainable Transport Center)
  • Ruishan Zheng (China Sustainable Transport Center)

This is the agenda of the meeting with all the presentations:

Speaker Subject
Juan Carlos Muñoz Presentation of the CoE, meeting introduction. Presentation / Video
Darío Hidalgo Observatory: current state and next steps of www.BRTdata.org. Case studies: L4 Metrobus, Transantiago. Presentation / Video
Rosário Macário LS2, Exploring the complexity of policy design: develop a formal structure for retrospective analysis of the various policy components interplaying, and finally a dynamic systems model to search for well-designed and promising policy packages. Presentation / Video
Chris Zegras LS3, From vision to promise to delivery: this project examines two types of pressures that affect the path of BRT from vision to reality: claims from outside and claims from within the existing public transport system. Presentation / Video
Abel López The fragility of the Authority-Operator and Operators-Shareholders: the impact on the sustainabiltily of brt systems. Presentation
Toni Lindau LT1, Development, calibration and validation of bus-following model to support analyses and evaluation of alternative BRT strategies under different scenarios. Presentation / Video
Patricia Galilea LT2, Typology and analysis of business plans, contracts and incentives for BRT and urban mobility systems. Presentation / Video
Anson Stewart LT4, Analysis of successful high-quality bus services in larger developed cities. Presentation / Video
Chris Zegras LT9, Urban design and BRT design to catalyze TOD. Presentation / Video
Yang Jiang BRT-oriented development in China: opportunities and challenges. Presentation
Juan Carlos Muñoz LO1, Explore innovative ways to manage and control BRT services. Presentation / Video
Anna Matias LO5, BRT-TSP: Simulation of Transit Signal Priority Strategies for BRT Corridors. Presentation / Video
Dario Hidalgo Traffic Safety Guidelines. Presentation
Luis Gutierrez SIBRT update. Presentation / Video
Juan Carlos Muñoz Benchmark study and CEDEUS presentation. Presentation 1 Presentation 2 / Video

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