Event wrap up: Thredbo 13

The 13th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport
15-19 September, 2013 / Oxford, UK

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This conference reviews the latest international developments in competition and ownership in land passenger transport, with reference to key political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental trends. The main emphasis is on public transport, but the role of reforms in road pricing and of other policy instruments to discourage car use as part of an integrated package to grow demand for public transport is also central to the conference.

Several members of the CoE participated in the event, that has a Workshop-based structure which “maximizes” interaction among participants. During the conference, the CoE run a workshop devoted to BRT, that provided an update on BRT systems around the world and considerations of related concepts such as Corridor Dedicated Transit. By the end of the Workshop, a plenary talk was giving summarizing the main discussion and findings. Below you can find the presentation of this plenary:

The following papers were presented by CoE members:

  • Evolution of public transportation PPPs in Latin America: the role of BRT in Mexico City and Santiago de Chile. Onesimo Flores and Chris Zegras.
  • Barriers to implementing BRT systems. Luis Antonio Lindau and Dario Hidalgo.
  • Cost efficiency under negotiated performance-based contracts and benchmarking – are there gains through competitive tendering in the absence of an incumbent public monopolist? David A. Hensher.
  • An automated data driven performance regime for operations management, planning, and control. Dominick Tribone, David Block-Schachter, John Attanucci and Nigel H.M. Wilson.
  • Incentive schemes, provision of quality and monitoring: the case of the public transit system in Santiago de Chile. Patricia Galilea and Marco Batarce.
  • Drivers of Bus Rapid Transit systems – influences on ridership and service frequency. David A. Hensher, Zheng Li and Corinne Mulley.
  • BRT versus heavy rail in suburban Sydney: comparing successive iterations of a proposed heavy rail line project to the pre-existing BRT network. Geoffrey Clifton, Corinne Mulley and David A. Hensher.
  • Comparative analysis of six Latin American transit systems. Juan Carlos Muñoz, Marco Batarce and Ignacia Torres.
  • Policy packaging in BRT projects: a methodology for case study analysis. Luis N. Filipe and Rosário Macário.
  • Public transport integration in Bogota and Cali, Colombia facing transition from semi-deregulated services to full regulation citywide. Dario Hidalgo.
  • Transatiago, five years after its launch . Juan Carlos Muñoz, Marco Batarce, Dario Hidalgo.
  • Revisiting regulatory reform for bus operations in Latin America. Laurel Paget-Seekins, Onesimo Flores Dewey and Juan Carlos Muñoz.
  • Institutional analysis of urban public transport systems: the case of New York City. Maria Spandou and Rosário Macário.
  • Open access for railways and transaction cost economics – Is the European approach appropriate for all of Australia’s train operations? Rico Merkert and David Hensher.
  • Metrobuses in Sydney: how high capacity and high frequency services are benefiting the metropolitan fringe. Corinne Mulley and Chinh Ho.
  • Exhaust emissions of transit buses: Brazil and India case studies. Erin Cooper, Magdala Arioli and Aileen Carrigan.
  • Risk management in Public Private Partnerships: The case of the M4 tollroad in Australia. Demi Chung and David A. Hensher.