BRT+ researchers take part of Mobilize Virtual Summit 2020

Mobilize Virtual Summit 2020 and VREF Research Forum side-event are being held on October 26-30, 2020.

BRT+ researchers are participating on the following dates:

  • Tuesday at 9 EST: Christo Venter will participate on the Plenary.
  • Tuesday at 10 EST: Ricardo Giesen will host the session Re-enchanting the People with BRT and Public Transport after COVID.
  • Wednesday at 11:45 EST: Lake Sagaris will participate on the session Participatory Action Research For Sustainable and Just Transport Systems.
  • Thursday at 10 EST: Gary Hayes will co-host the session Who is ready to pay for mass transit?.
  • Thursday at 11:20 EST: Beatriz Mella will co-host the session BRT and Paratransit: Competitors or Allies?.