New book on Bus Rapid Transit

A new book on Bus Rapid Transit with contributions from BRT+ researchers has been published: DEVELOPING BUS RAPID TRANSIT. The Value of BRT in Urban Spaces.

«BRT implementation, planning, operation, performance, and impacts, from a wide range of developed and developing cities across the globe are examined in depth in this exemplary book, with contributions by academics and practical experts on BRT.

Each chapter is self-contained, presenting empirical research and grounded examples of BRT in specific urban spaces. Providing rich insight, the chapters also suggest lessons for cities elsewhere. As a whole, the book frames the chapters with the question of how BRT is valued, providing a timely lens to the broader conceptual question of how transport infrastructure can and ought to be valued in the twenty-first century.»

BRT+ members contributions from David Hensher, Corinne Mulley, Richard Ellison, and Chinh Ho.

The book is available in this site

There is also an e-book version in google play store