New BRT Webinars!

The Across Latitudes and Cultures BRT Centre of Excellence is pleased to announce a monthly webinar series to share timely public transit research and encourage ongoing collaboration. The series is open to anyone and will address issues relevant to researchers and practitioners. Please share this announcement with your extended network.

The first webinar was:

BRT Around the World – Update 2012 and Future Evolution
November 30th, 2012 at 1300 CLST (11 EST)
Dario Hidalgo, PhD, Director of Research and Practice, EMBARQ

See summary, bio and presentation below.

Mark your calendars for the second in the series on December 14th at 1300 CLST on which Juan Carlos Munoz will present the Centre’s new methodology and results on tackling bus bunching. Here you can find full information about this new webinar.

Please email Laurel at with any questions or future topic suggestions.


BRT Around the World – Update 2012 and Future Evolution

The BRT Global Database, complied by ALC-BRT Center of Excellence and EMBARQ with support from IEA and SIBRT, indicates that there are 147 cities with bus corridors (inclusive of BRT and BHLS), The presentation will show some highlights of the database, including summary data on key indicators, geographical distribution, and recent progress. Key systems according to performance will be highlighted. Also some information of key new systems in Latin America: the expansions of Metrobus (México) and TransMilenio (Bogotá), as well as the introduction of full BRT in Rio de Janeiro (Transoeste). Some relevant issues in BRT expansion will be commented: the strong advance of rail systems -which seems to have stalled BRT new construction in some places; and the high occupancy and deterioration of level of service in some iconic systems like Bogotá and México City. Finally, the opportunities arising in the field will be presented: surge of integrated systems, introduction of newer propulsion technologies, and use of advanced systems for control and user information.

Dr. Hidalgo guides the EMBARQ Network’s international team of transport engineers, urban planning specialists and environmental scientists. This team is involved in sustainable transport and urban development projects in India, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, the Andean Region and China. He also coordinates the Observatory of the BRT-ALC Center of Excellence. He has more than 20 years of experience as a transport expert, consultant, and government official. He has taken part in urban transport projects and taught training courses in 10+ countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa. He has also been a lecturer in urban planning and is the author of 55 publications and conference presentations, including an extensive review of bus systems in developing countries. He holds Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Transportation Planning from Ohio State University, and a Civil Engineering degree from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.