Thredbo 15: Top 10 Cited Papers

Researchers from BRT+ Center of Excellence stand out with their works in the Top 10 most cited Thredbo papers of all time. We congratulate Juan Carlos Muñoz, David Hensher and Darío Hidalgo for being part of this outstanding group.

T Paper Scopus Scholar
10 Currie, G. & Wallis, I. (2008). Effective ways to grow urban bus markets – a synthesis of evidence 72 115
10 Currie, G., Richardson, T., Smyth, P., Vella-Brodrick, D., Hine, J., Lucas, K., Stanley, J., Morris, J., Kinnear, R. & Stanley, J. (2007). Investigating links between transport disadvantage, social exclusion and well-being in Melbourne – Preliminary results 60 126
10 Stanley, J. & Vella-Brodrick, D. (2008). The usefulness of social exclusion to inform social policy in transport 46 89
10 Hensher, D.A. & Stanley, J. (2008). Transacting under a performance-based contract: The role of negotiation and competitive tendering 42 88
11 Tirachini, A., Hensher, D.A. & Jara-Díaz, S.R. (2010). Comparing operator and users costs of light rail, heavy rail and bus rapid transito ver a radial public transport network. 34 64
11 Nelson, J.D., Wright, S. Masson, B., Ambrosino, & Naniopoulos, A. (2010). Recent developments in Flexible Transport Services 34 59
10 Muñoz, J.C. & Gschwender, A. (2008). Transantiago: A tale of two cities 33 63
10 Nash, C. (2008). Passenger railway reform in the last 20 years – European experience reconsidered 31 81
12 Hidalgo, D. & Gutiérrez, L. (2013). BRT and BHLS around the world: Explosive growth, large positive impacts and many issues outstanding 28 66
10 Loader, C. & Stanley, J. (2008). Growing bus patronage and addressing transport disadvantage – The Melbourne experience 27 46
11 Nash, C. (2010). European rail reform and passenger services – the next steps 22 (18th) 58


The objective of the conference series is to provide an international forum to examine passenger transport competition and ownership issues, reporting on recent research and experience and developing conclusions on key issues. The focus is on determining the effects of different forms of competition, ownership and organisation for land-based passenger transport on operators, users, governments / funders and society as a whole.

The conference series is directed towards a broad audience of policy makers, planners, decision makers on infrastructure and service operators, consultants, researchers, academics and students, and is recognised as one of the most important international forums for analysis and debate of competition and ownership issues in land passenger transport.