Volvo workshop at Gothemburg

Juan Carlos Muñoz and Darío Hidalgo, Director and member of our BRT Centre of Excellence, were invited to a small workshop organized by Volvo Buses in Gothemburg. Both had been invited to the same workshop last year. It was held on February 4 and 5 at the Rosared mansion located outside Gothemburg, Sweden.

The purpose of the Workshop was to analyse the role a company as Volvo should play in the development of Bus Rapid Transit Systems. The most important executives of the company participated in the workshop. Other four presenters were invited, besides Muñoz and Hidalgo.

Muñoz stated that Volvo’s challenge is to create mobility solutions that include the hole system, and not only the bus. As he he called it, Volvo should «think outside the bus». A company of this level should participate in searching for solutions that integrate other elements of the city, and not only in creating excellent buses. Muñoz presented the current state of BRT industry and critical elements Volvo should take into account when thinking about mobility solutions related to BRT.