BRT+ / UITP / VREF New Report on how to integrate BRT

The report Transforming Cities with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems – How to integrate BRT? was launched at the UITP 2019 Global Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden. It is co-production between UITP -the International Association of Public Transport-, the BRT+ Centre of Excellence, and VREF.

The report included the collaboration of two BRT+ researchers, Ricardo Giesen and Juan Carlos Muñoz.


It can be downloaded in the following links:



«Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems emerged in Latin America as an innovation that could transform cities and the way people move. While they constitute a first step towards integrated public transport networks (IPTN) and could be a catalyst for urban development they should not be treated in isolation as a mere substitute for rail infrastructure where public funds are scarce.«