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Oportunidade para Qualificar e Inovar o Transporte Coletivo por Ônibus nas Cidades Brasileira


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Buses in Brazilian cities are trapped in congestion that disrupts both the efficiency and the reliability of a service that is vital for the population. The recent people´s outcry for a higher quality transit system, associated to an increasing private motorization in urban areas, demands opportunities for bus innovations that go beyond high-performance BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Thus we present the state-of-the-practice of BHLS (Bus with High Level of Service) systems in Europe and compare them to BRT systems. Based on the characteristics of 26 attributes from 26 systems, we identify commonalities and aspects that differentiate BHLS from BRT. The results reveal the BHLS focus on providing reliability and comfort for passengers, as opposed to BRT that aims to high demands. The study presents trends and innovations that are relevant to subsidize the challenges imposed to technicians and public managers in Brazil on designing and deploying better quality bus systems.

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